Diabetic Neuropathy & Peripheral Neuropthies


Peripheral neuropathic pain involves pain secondary to damage of small peripheral nerves. This pain usually starts in the extremities and is characterized by burning, throbbing pain with tingling, or ‘bug crawling’ sensations. The mainstay in the treatment of these conditions are neuropathic pain medications, usually which are in the anti-depressant family, anti-epilectic family or topical treatments. Another treatment which has been proven decrease pain in patients with diabetic neuropathic pain is spinal cord stimulation. Spinal Cord Stimulation is described here. Given the prevalence of diabetic neuropathy, new patients are usually not accepted for medical management.

If you suffer from severe diabetic neuropathic pain or other peripheral neuropathic pain or know someone that does please feel free to consult our physicians at the The Spine and Pain Institute of New York.

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