Pain After Spine Surgery


If you have undergone neck (cervical) or low back (lumbar) surgery and suffer consistent pain that radiates into your arms or legs, we can help. The pain physicians at California Spine and Pain Institute in the West Hills and Calabasas California area and would like you to know there are other treatment options to manage your pain.

About Spine Surgery

Cervical or lumbar spine surgery is an appropriate treatment for several spinal disorders. Unfortunately, pain may return in the future. Sometimes pain is severe and debilitating.

Pain Treatment Options

Other treatment options exist besides repeat spine surgery. The first step is epidural injections, which provides adequate pain relief for many patients. In addition, there are different ways to administer an epidural injection to ensure it pain-relieving medication is precisely injected. Depending on the type of your surgery, certain injections may be more appropriate and effective than others.

Other causes of pain may be pain secondary to the facet joints. Facet joint pain responds favorably to medial branch blocks and potentially provides long-term pain relief. Sometimes the sacroiliac joints (behind the pelvis) become irritated and generate pain.

Sometimes, the implanted spinal instrumentation causes pain and may be relieved with an anesthetic and steroid injection.

When injections do not provide adequate long-term pain relief, spinal cord stimulation (neuromodulation) may be considered. Several studies prove that spinal cord stimulation is more effective in relieving pain that repeats surgery. Advances in neuromodulation technology enable this device to be effective in the treatment of low back and leg pain.

To Learn More

If you have neck or low back pain or are interested in learning how about treatment options to manage your pain, please contact our pain management experts at the California Spine and Pain Institute. We would be happy to make an appointment for a consultation and provide additional information about other treatment options.

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